The Last Tree


The Last Tree


The Last Tree follows the story of Femi, a British boy of Nigerian heritage who, after a happy childhood in rural Lincolnshire, moves to inner London to live with his mum. Struggling with the unfamiliar culture and values of his new environment, teenage Femi has to figure out which path to adulthood he wants to take, and what it means to be a young black man in London.

Production: British Film Institute, Prodigal Film & TV in association with Hartley Media Privateer Pictures

Direction: Shola Amoo

Starring: Sam Adewunmi, Gbemisola Ikumelo, Tai Golding, Nicholas Pinnock, Demmy Ladipo, Denise Black

Release Date: 27 September 2019

Genre: Drama

Run time: 99 minutes

Rating: 2/5


Mildly recommended. That “Mildly” a brazen departure from what the audience we saw this with had to say – Left to those fine people, ‘Last Tree’ is “Not recommended”, because. It is terribly slow. Terribly long. But after all the hard work, sacrifice and patience it takes to sit through it, you get nothing in the way of satisfaction as ‘Last Tree’ has the most useless ending we have seen in a very long time. It’s a “no head, no tail” kind of movie.

Regardless however, we feel there are still enough bright spots and enjoyable stretches in this coming of age movie that drama enthusiasts (people who like talkie talkie movies) will want to see – Hence the “Mildly”. But if you know that excitement is your thing, we beg you in the name of God: Please! Don’t even near the door of ‘Last Tree’. If you do, you won’t go home happy.

Additional notes: In 1970s and 80s England, immigrants paid British foster families to accommodate their children whilst they (immigrants) worked long hours. This information, which the movie doesn’t provide, helps explain the first quarter of ‘Last Tree’.


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