The Ghost And The House Of Truth


The Ghost And The House Of Truth


Bola Ogun (Susan Wokoma) is a dedicated counselor, who facilitates reconciliation sessions between convicts and the victims of their crimes. When her own daughter goes missing, her belief in forgiveness is tested.

Production: Temple Productions, The Mission Entertainment

Direction: Akin Omotoso

Starring: Toyin Oshinaike. Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, Fabian Adeoye Lojede

Release Date: November 2019

Genre: Crime

Run time: 1hr

Rating: 2/5


On a quiet evening in Lagos, a girl walks home alone.

The neighborhood is safe enough, the people are familiar. She isn’t the only nine-year old to be out unaccompanied. But somehow, she is the one who doesn’t return. Her mother, Bola Ogun (Susan Wokoma) who works as a grief counsellor goes to the police expecting to find help. And hubris, and maybe some corrupt officers. She is prepared to take them all. What she finds instead is officer Folashade Adetola (Kate Henshaw), a pregnant policewoman whose unsmiling countenance belies a thorough and empathetic professional.

Officer Adetola is known as Stainless by her colleagues because in the cesspool that is the police force, she has managed to maintain a spotless reputation, eschewing bribery and other conducts unbecoming of an officer, even as she rises through the ranks. Anyone with only a passing knowledge of the Nigerian police force recognizes this for what it is, a minor miracle.

While Bola Ogun is losing her mind and patience, Officer Stainless, embodied by Henshaw in a performance that is a persuasive and definitive career highlight, must keep hers intact in order to crack the case. She will need her wits about her because of the mental and physical exercises that come with pursuing investigations on missing persons.

Recalling the committed professionalism of Frances McDormand’s Marge Gunderson in the original Fargo film, Officer Stainless goes about knocking on doors, questioning suspects and updating her list of persons of interests. She is gentle but firm with Bola, sensitive enough to relate with her pain, but distant enough to understand that emotions get in the way. Stainless will also require lots of patience because as a product of the system, she appreciates fully the various impediments that can delay or even derail the most thorough of investigations. In one scene, she is on the phone with a contact from the pathology office, urging them to push forward the turnaround time for a crucial test.

The story line which tackled the harsh subject that is sadly prevalent in our country child/sexual abuse, was short of entertainment.

It lacked the keywords, entertaining, intriguing and interesting.

In order words, it was such a serious movie, no comic relief of any sort.


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