The Delivery Boy


The Delivery Boy


Sold from an orphanage to Mallam Sadan, a muslim scholar, and leader, Amir leaves the orphanage to become the older man’s plaything from where he is then sent to a camp for young Islamic “scholars’ to become suicide bombers. His life takes a strange turn as he becomes a dagger-for-hire eking out a precarious existence on the streets of an unnamed city and carrying out killings on the orders of his master. This continues until he has a run-in with a prostitute which changes his life completely.

Production: Something Unusual Studios, Silverbird Distributions

Direction: Adekunle Adejuyigbe

Starring: Jammal Ibrahim, Jemima Osunde, Charles Etubiebi, Jude Chukwuka, Chris Iheuwa, Kehinde Fasuyi

Release Date: 24 September 2019

Genre: Drama

Run time: 1h 6min

Rating: 3/5


The Delivery Boy centres on Amir, a boy who’s trained to be a suicide bomber by a terrorist group whose ideals centre on religious extremism, but eventually turns away and decides not to go down that part. Amir steals plans by the organisation to bomb a hospital, as well as the tools to carry out the act. On the run, after killing a member of that terrorist group, Amir ends up in a tricycle, at wee hours, with Nkem (Jemima Osunde), a prostitute. Nkem is in this profession to raise enough money for her brother, who’s in the hospital.

The new actor on the scene, Jammal Ibrahim, alongside the more popular ones did justice to the acting bit. In truth, there wasn’t a dull moment with them. The deathly stare and purposefulness in the eyes of Amir (Jammal Ibrahim), the poignant battle that Kazeem (Charles Etubiebi) brought and the sassiness and vulnerability delivered by Nkem (Jemima Osunde) left us with much to savor in this sad tale of terrorism, indoctrination and abuse. Kudos to the fact that the actors made it as engaging as it was supposed to be. Even the language use was exceptional, unlike in some other movie I had seen earlier this year. Except for minor lapses here and there, this film delivered in the acting department.


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