Mr Tayo, a wealthy man from humble beginnings, discovers he has an incurable brain tumour which will cuts his life short within the short time he has left, he hands over his empire to his immature rebellious only son Kolade. Tayo develops a plan to send his son to Ajegunle, same place Tayo grew up for a week with no money and no help from the outside world with the hope that Kolade will grow from the adversity and become a worthy heir.

Production: Lavida Studios, Remote Pictures, Envivo, FilmOne Productions

Direction: Tosin Igho

Starring: Bimbo Manuel, Daddy Showkey, Efa Iwara, Patrick Diabuah, Richard Mofe Damijo, Uche Nwaefuna.

Release Date: November 29, 2019

Genre: Drama

Run time: 2hrs

Rating: 4/5


Recommended. ‘Seven’ is a winner. A real fantastic effort, this movie is. The producers deserve some serious applause for making so much out of so little; as it is easily obvious that ‘Seven’ wasn’t made out of a Big Budget but out of Big Talents. Mighty Big Talents too. A lot of work went into this. A lot of work.

And we are happy to testify that all that work, paid off in spades: We saw ‘Seven’ with approximately ten person strong audience. And when the lights came on at the end, not a single face was missing a Big Juicy Smile, including ours – It was a tale of strangers smiling at each other, nodding heads as if to say; “That was a good one.” A lot of fun to be had here; that’s for sure.


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