‘Locked’ follows the story of a young lady, Bisola (played by Belinda Effah) who took her soon to be fiancée, Tokunbo (played by Charles Granville) to meet her parents, only to discover that her mother (Hilda Dokubo) had killed her father (Sunny Neji) in a psychotic fit. Upon this discovery, the mother held them both hostage in the house.

Production: Charles Granville Productions, Kingsville Media Group

Direction: Simon Peace Maker

Starring: Hilda Dokubo, Belinda Effah, Sunny Nneji, Charles Granville

Release Date: 9 August 2019

Genre: Drama

Run time: 1h 42min

Rating: 2/5


Locked tells the story of how a seemingly lovely wife kills her husband in a psychotic rage and then holds her daughter and fiancé hostage.

When I saw the synopsis, poster and trailer for Locked, I immediately recognised that it will require sheer genius to pull off this plot but to insulate myself from disappointment, I went with low expectations. Unfortunately, my low expectations weren’t low enough because it was truly a subpar film. For one, the plot of is very ridiculous and does not connect with the audience. I understand the need for ingenuity and novelty in film making but this film was too farfetched to connect with.

Despite the inconceivability of Locked, I believe it could have been salvaged with excellent acting, sadly, the acting was anything but excellent. Hilda is a legend of Nollywood but despite her legendary status she is guilty of some suspicious acting. I didn’t understand the character she was trying to express, and this may not entirely be her fault as the scripting of Locked is flawed. The attempt at a backstory for us to understand her character is insufficient for the audience to appreciate why she behaved the way she did. The bad scripting affected all the other characters in the film including Sunny Nneji and Belinda ensuring they all came off boring and Abayomi as a totally irrelevant character. Did I mention that this film had a lot of (awkward) kissing? Well, there was and it made me very uncomfortable.

On the flip side, despite all the flaws of Locked, some of the post-production aspects of the film were relatively good especially the lighting and color grading. The coloring was appropriate for the film but I can’t say this for the sound and score which many times sounded comical that I half expected a clown to pop out and start juggling.

The flawed scripting and dodgy acting all joined forces to translate into a really poor and boring film so much so that the plot twist at the end made me burst into irrepressible laughter…and I don’t mean that in a good way because I was laughing at the 1hr 45mins of my life that I am never getting back. I really want to beg Nollywood producers to recognize that not all ideas should make it to film and they urgently need to stop all these subpar productions because it’s bad for our industry and can bring our actors and actresses into disrepute.


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