Liars And Pretenders


Liars And Pretenders


The movie tells the tale of three girlfriends, Rukki, Maureen, and Dorothy. With two of the girls claiming all kinds of fantasies about their individual marriages and love lives, the third is left out of the picture. Her husband has recently secured a low paying job in the city, and trying to meet up to their daily needs. She becomes desperately in want of a change after heeding to her friends endless brags about their ‘perfect’ love lives.

Production: Victor Okpala Productions

Direction: Victor Okpala

Starring: Theresa Edem, Fredrick Leonard, Nancy Isime, Deyemi Okanlawon

Release Date: January 2nd, 2020

Genre: Drama

Run time: 1h 53min

Rating: 2/5


Liars and Pretenders is a tale about three women – Maureen, the pretender who has a wealthy husband but no love; Rukki, the liar who tells tall tales about how rich her broke, jobless husband is and Dorothy, the idiot who envies both women and punishes her husband for it.

The movie highlights how easy it is for us to get lost in other people’s lies. Take Dorothy for example, she becomes borderline emotionally abusive to Peter because of her friend’s lies. She stops cooking for him, sexing him and constantly rubbishes him because he can not afford to give her the life her friends pretend to have.

Another area the movie throws light on is the lack. Maureen lacked love in her relationship and for that reason went about bragging with the only thing her relationship could give her – money. She used money to make her friends feel small, to drag them down to her level of unhappiness. The unfortunate thing was that of all her friends, she seemed to be the most understanding but she was trapped in her web insecurity.Rukki was also another person that was trapped – trapped in her web of lies. She lied so much that she made Damian to lose out on two job opportunities. She wanted to be like Maureen who did absolutely nothing for a living.

The ending – was rushed. It took them just 4 minutes to reach a climax and wrap up the movie.

The story – was very superficial. The first fifteen minutes felt like a comedy only for the rest of the film to turn into a drama.

Kevwe’s acting – below average. Dude always had his mouth agape like he was lost.

The casting – how on earth was it possible for Frederick Leonard and Kevwe to be school chums? I bet there is at least a 10-year age difference between them in real life. The two of them pretending to be agemates looked very odd.


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