This movie details the life of a young, successful medical doctor in the Caribbean whose curiosity about Africa drives him to set out for the unknown. Defiant and rebellious, Joseph dismisses the warnings and threats of his affluent medically-inclined family to seek reconnection to his ancestral roots and discover his true purpose.

Production: Step By Step Productions

Direction: Marian Weekes

Starring: Kevoy Burton, Mawuli Gavor, Sika Osei, Shontelle, Alison Hinds

Release Date: January 24th, 2020

Genre: Action

Run time: 2hrs

Rating: 2/5


The movie tells the story of highly-acclaimed trans-Atlantic self-discovery; of one man’s quest to break social and cultural constraints; to find true identity.

It is an inspirational film about a young Caribbean doctor who struggles with his natural inclination to follow in his physician father’s footsteps when he begins to be compelled by the natural, herbal approach to healing that his Maroon grandfather practices.

The Maroon community in Jamaica is said to have people of the Ashanti region in Ghana as their ancestors.

Defiant and rebellious, Joseph dismisses the warnings and threats of his affluent family of cross-generational medical doctors to seek a reconnection to his roots and his purpose.

Joseph surveys the central character’s journey to his land of origin, regaling viewers with tales of love, acceptance and freedom; upending universal misconceptions about his people; himself awed by the many things that have remained unchanged between his two peoples in spite of generations of separation across continents.

The larger-than-screen production is aimed at addressing misconceptions about Africa fed by global media while observing the many similarities between life in the Caribbean and West Africa.


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