The faith of a childless Christian husband (Blossom Chukwujekwu) is tried, especially when all fingers point to him as the cause of their childlessness. He must protect his wife who is on a suicide mission whilst managing to keep the faith.

Production: Shutterspeed Projects

Direction: Biodun Stephen

Starring: Blossom Chukwujekwu, Enado Odigie, Ronke Ojo, Chris Iheuwa, Christine Osifuye

Release Date: 04/05/2019

Genre: Drama

Run time: 1h 43 minutes

Rating: 4/5


Joba is a Christian faith-based movie that follows the life of a Christian couple – Lami (Blossom Chukwujeku) and Ore (Enado Odigie) who are going through temptation and tribulations in their marital life the main issue being the inability of having a child of their own.

When people start to blame Joba for his wife’s childlessness, he takes a stand to keep his family together especially with the increasing pressure on his wife.

The plot of this film is so wonderful that it takes you on an emotional roller coaster from the very first scene. The actors play their roles wonderfully especially Blossom Chukwujeku who takes on unknown turfs in this movie while moving away from his usual playboy movie roles.


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