Elevator Baby


Elevator Baby


The movie is centered around Dare William (Timini Egbuson), a privileged young man with a temper and his encounter with Abigail Kuforiji (Toyin Abraham), a pregnant woman with a secret. When both characters get stuck in a faulty elevator, Abigail is forced into emergency labour, leaving Dare with no choice but to deliver the baby himself.

Production: EbonyLife Films

Direction: Niyi Akinmolayan

Starring: Toyin Abraham, Timini Egbuson, Sambasa Nzeribe, Samuel Olatunji, Emem Ufot, Shafy Bello

Release Date: October 11, 2019

Genre: Thriller

Run time: 2hrs

Rating: 4/5


Dare Williams is a hot-headed privileged man who as a result of a traumatic event has a habit of transferring his aggression towards others.

During his search for a job, an elevator ride becomes a life-altering incident as he gets trapped in a faulty lift with Abigail Kuforji (Toyin Abraham), who is in the late stages of her pregnancy. The woman unexpectedly goes into labour and leaves Dare in a  distressing situation where he needs to save both mother and child in a confined space. This predicament forms the hallmarks an event that will make him look at himself as a person and one that will force him to face his inner demons.

Considering the nature of Elevator Baby, Timini Egbuson has to bring his A-game to anchor the movie.  Timini for the most part successfully portrays Dare as an entitled- spoilt brat, though there are moments he overacts when Dare is venting his frustrations.  As the story progresses the situation Dare faces unravels his past and allows Egbuson to comfortably convey a range of emotions that will have the audience rooting for him by the third act.

Toyin Abraham expertly portrays Abigail as a god-fearing semi-literate Woman. Abraham’s performance works as she bounces of Egbuson’s well and challenges Dare’s snobbery with her humorous comebacks but when their situation gets dire and she is in the process of giving birth that is when her performance steps up to another level. Abraham’s turn makes Abigail’s pain very believable and will have you gripping the seats to see how they will survive this ordeal.


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