Drawing Strength


Drawing Strength


Drawing Strength is the story of LAMI WASHIK an award-winning architect with all the trappings of success but finds herself at crossroads with life where her Christian faith is questioned.

Production: Entertainment Tru Christ

Direction: Dimbo Atiya

Starring: Sophie Alakija, Chris Okagbue, Damilola Ogunsi, Omaiye Grace Onyeche, Jasmine Wright, Erica Opia Bale, Ashira Jonas

Release Date: January 20, 2020

Genre: Drama

Run time: 1hr 24mins

Rating: 4/5


Despite a lovely performance by a cast of fresh talented actors like Sophia Alakija, Chris Okabgue, Maiye Onyeche, Damilola Ogunsi, Jasmine Wright, Erica Bale and Ashira Jonas, among others. The movie “Drawing Strength” has not gotten the entitled recognition it deserves.

It is uncommon to see a Christian movie that delivers a message without over baptising the audience with much biblical texts and content. Drawing Strength is a film worth watching repeatedly. It was released on December 26th 2019 and produced by Entertainment Tru Christ (ETC) directed by Dimbo Atiya.

“Drawing Strength,” tells the story of Lami Washik, a young beautiful Christian Architect living a fulfilling career dream until she finds herself at a crossroad where her faith is questioned. Her acclaimed architectural designs that have earned her fame and awards. These accolades truly cannot be fully accredited to her. An exposed secret sends Lami’s world crashing, making her dwell in a Midlife crisis situation. In the end, through her once questionable faith, she gained the courage to start over again as she draws the ‘Strength’ she needs to start over.

The glamour and kiss of nature of Abuja could be felt through the screen. The aerial views and long shots showed were intentionally great. it was a good work that had beautiful sights, structures and colours by the cinematographer, Tom Robson. Situations, where timing and precision become one, is always applauded. I cannot thank shaddi and hamis Sulaiman enough because the Music and Soundtrack were in good sync although I believe the sound was so clear and well-tuned that I lost the natural feel of the voice of the character a few times. Throughout the movie, the set designs and costumes remained Clean and delectable to the eyes.

After Goldfish Ogunsi performance in Kunle Afolayan’s Molkalik. I was delighted and fulfilled to see him deliver on this movie. Sophie Alakija showed she had improved immensely, we would definitely be seeing more of her on our screens.

Drawing Strength was a faith-based film geared toward promoting godly virtues and character re-awakening.it had an aim on social engineering the society to drive positive societal change. It had also been released online for free viewing. A lesson that the director and producer would want to cement into viewers minds is that there is a spiritual code we are called to live by and many times, however, to get rich and satisfy our desires for success, we sometimes trample on this spiritual code. How to navigate between right and wrong, and when you find out that what you are doing does not agree with your faith, you should have the courage to make a change.


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