4th Republic


4th Republic


Mabel is a strong, intelligent and courageous woman. She is a widow with 2 kids. She lost her husband a few years before the political campaign to political crisis, but she is willing to go again and fight for justice and a better living for them all. 4th Republic explores the dynamics of politics in Nigeria today, the multitude of factors at play and the roles we as a society assign to women.

Production: Griot Studios, Amateur Heads Production

Direction: Ishaya Bako

Starring: Kate Henshaw, Bimbo Manuel, Kolade Adegbiji, Enyinna Nwigwe, Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman.

Release Date: 30/03/2019

Genre: Drama

Run time: 2hrs

Rating: 3/5


After the gruesome murder of her campaign manager Sikiru (Jide Attah), gubernatorial aspirant Mabel King (Henshaw) challenges the victory of the incumbent, Idris Sani (Sani Mu’azu) for her mandate. While governor Sani’s associate, St. James (Bimbo Manuel) and Ike’s Law School rival, Danladi (Yakubu Mohammed) attempt to subvert the course of justice by eliminating witnesses, King is supported by her loyal aide Ike (Eyinna Nwigwe), and Sikiru’s daughter Bukky (Linda Ejiofor).

Election night violence in a singular local government claims the life of about nineteen people including that of Mabel King’s campaign manager. The electoral body goes ahead to declare Sanni winner. King, a figure of moral uprightness decides to fight to claim the mandate she is convinced is rightfully hers at the tribunal. There is some resistance both from within and outside as King is considered an outsider, inflexible and capable of dismantling the status quo and as the movie progresses, it shows how she manages to maneuver through these obstacles.

Director Ishaya Bako manages to draw a good story line with the cast but the movie lacked a lot in the area of pure cinematography and scene delivering.


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