Efunsetan Aniwura




The true story of Efunsetan Aniwura who lived in the 1800s. She was one of the most powerful and influential Yoruba women in Nigeria. She moved to Ibadan after her marriage to Ajani. This story details her trials, triumphs and eventual fall from grace.

Production: Eropreston Ventures Production, Blue Pictures

Direction: Joshua Ojo

Starring: Jaiye Kuti, Sola Fosudo, Wale Elesho, Yemi Solade, Funmi Holder, Ebun Oloyede, Alex Usifo, Binta Ayo Mogaji, Clarion Chukwura, Adunni Ade

Release Date: January 31, 2020

Genre: Action

Run time: 1h 50min

Rating: 3/5


The story of the most powerful and wealthiest Yoruba woman. She dealt in slave trading and ammunition in the 17th Century.

Efunsetan was a business woman who travelled round the country to buy products like bitter kola, kolanut, cocoa, etc, she was well known among the Hausa and the western states.

She gave out gift and money to her slaves without measure. And even conducted marriages and naming ceremonies for them, but all these stopped after the death of her only daughter at a very young age, whilst in labour. Efunsetan was a woman of great principle. She was also beautiful, wealthy and proud, which led to her fall.

She was an advocate for equal rights among men and women until she lost her only child and became depressed and vicious which led to the killing of her slaves.

Funmi Holder is no novice in the art of filmmaking. She has movies and TV shows like The Grudge and Tinsel under her belt, but her latest project, the remake of Efunsetan Aniwura with the casting of Clarion Chukwurah as the enigmatic Efunsetan has come under a lot of heat.

The film highlights many of Yoruba legends and histories which are beginning to be sunk up by the tides of time and may only be revived and redefined through storytelling and theatrical showcase.

The film, admittedly, did not exhibit pulsating theatre experience that film lovers are taking to be the norm for hit movies, given the rather straightforward telling of the story.

Given the economic challenges faced by filmmakers, the rather conservative portrayal of Ibadan city in the movie seemed understandable, with only four chiefs and a handful of villagers to show for the famed historical town of Ibadan.


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