Gold Coast Lounge


Gold Coast Lounge


Gold Coast Lounge takes place in the heart of Ghana about a family of criminals that has to clean up its act before the government shuts down their private lounge. After the owner has been mysteriously poisoned, it’s left to his oldest son, Daniel, to take the stool. Implementing his policies, Daniel runs into major problems of love triangles, power struggles, tribalism and murder.

Production: Breakthrough Studios

Direction: Pascal Aka

Starring: Grace Nortey, Fred Amugi, Akofa Edjeani, Adjetey Anang

Release Date: October 10, 2019

Genre: Crime

Run time: 2h 6min

Rating: 4/5


The story is set in the heart of Accra. A crime family has three weeks to clean up their act before the inauguration of a crime-intolerant government. The family is headed by the revered John Donkor (Adjetey Anang), a man who has just returned from prison for crimes related to drug trafficking and prostitution. He wants to end all illegal activities and reform the popular Gold Coast Lounge.

When John is mysteriously poisoned, his most trusted soldier and legal heir to his empire, Daniel (Alphonse Menyo), takes control of the business, the lounge, and John’s woman – the sultry Naa Adorley (Raquel Ammah). Adorley is an enchanting songstress and the new face of the lounge. She has a history with Daniel, they were childhood sweethearts, and although his boss now beds her, Daniel still wants her. Before his demise, John warns Daniel.

“I see the way you look at her,” he says, “don’t eat that which isn’t meant for you.”
As the new boss, Daniel brings creative, pro-black ideas but he is naïve and there is his obsession with Naa Adorley.

Gold Coast Lounge embraces the film noir aesthetics with its luscious black and white picture, created by the terrific combination of Isreal De-like’s cinematography and Prince Ibam’s lighting. The film noir stock characters are present: Daniel is the flawed protagonist; John is the suave crime boss; Naa Adorley is the femme fatale.

The movie is an ambitious attempt to create a new sub-genre of its own called Afro-Noir. A style that utilizes some basic techniques of the black and white film noir era from the 40s and blends it with African classic traditional, afro- jazz, funk and highlife music and culture. A new way to present film noir and a new way to present the African vintage culture and its cinema.

Gold Coast Lounge fuses the classical American noir aesthetics with the rich African culture. It blends drama, music, suspense, romance, and action while making several political statements about Ghana and other West African countries that are struggling with corruption, greed, deceit and civil war on various levels.


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