Your Excellency


Your Excellency


Your Excellency tells the story of Chief Olalekan Ajadi, a bumbling, billionaire businessman and failed presidential candidate, who is obsessed with Donald Trump. Just when his campaign looks set to be another disaster, Ajadi is anointed by a major party and becomes a credible contender – all through the power of social media. As the political drama unfolds, it seems possible that even the most inept candidate, with little to offer voters except viral soundbites, dance moves, and amusing antics, can mount a serious challenge for the presidency.

Production: EbonyLife Films, FilmOne Entertainment

Direction: Kabat Esosa Egbon

Starring: Funke Akindele, Akin Lewis, Toni Tones, Alex Ekubo, Osas Ighodaro

Release Date: 13 December 2019

Genre: Comedy

Run time: 2h 0min

Rating: 2/5


Your Excellency is a political comedy based on the rise to prominence of a presidential aspirant slash Donald Trump wannabe, Lekan Ajadi (Akin Lewis). Lekan is the most unlikely candidate for the job placed side by side by his young and vibrant contender, Michael Idehen (Deyemi Okanlawon).

Like Trump, he hasn’t learned the rudiments of decorum and composure fit for a presidential candidate plus, he loves Twitter. But, Ajadi is unlike Trump in a number of ways as his wife, Kemi Ajadi (Funke Akindele) points out. He doesn’t disrespect women, has a good head for alcohol and has the respect and love of his wife. Ultimately, Ajadi beats the odds by dancing his way into the hearts of voters. The typical Zero to Hero Nigerian dream!

Eku Edewor‘s character is one ambiguous fellow.

Understandably, Channel 165 is the nation’s only channel and Eki of Eki Talks, a politics themed TV show is its only Anchor. This explains how she conveniently swings from politics to celebrity gossip at will.

Second, there is the ‘wannabe’ blogger and celebrity who leads a fake life but goes about blackmailing other characters for irrelevant things. The character, played by Toni Tones is part of many insignificant additions to the movie. This is sad, following Tones’ amazing performance in ‘King of Boys’.

The chief of all irrelevant characters was Osas Ighodaro’s Candy, who is married to one-hit wonder Kachi (Alexx Ekubo). The couple has a reality show together and Candy is ready to stake all she has for the fame and paycheck. Somehow, it feels as though the writers included them as an afterthought.

Other than this, ‘Your Excellency’ lacks a story and some soul to go with it. The film introduces fresh characters as it builds on but they are quite irrelevant to the progression of the story. First, the recap of ‘Who’s your daddy’ by Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana and Beverly Osu, who reprised their character from ‘Chief Daddy’ in a very tiny, inconsequential scene.

The film, which is Akindele-Bello’s directorial debut, brings in too much of everything and eventually ends up doing nothing. Maybe if the ‘Ajadi dance’ counts, it would not be a total drop.

The film looks as though Ebonylife asked its marketing team to write several social media campaign copies that will help the studio trend. It is not clear shat the intention was to make a film, albeit a good one. This is because a lot could have been done with Deyemi’s character and the presidential debate scene showed that.

Viewers are deprived of what could have been an amazing political comedy, satirical enough to represent the current political landscape. Instead, what they get is a string of Instagram skit videos, a retinue of unnecessary actors and underdeveloped characters that makes the ‘holiday film’ super hard to watch.



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