Kpali tells the story of Ini Dima-Okojie who plays the role of Amaka, a young Nigerian and Investment Banker, who has 30 days to secure a resident permit (kpali) in the UK or face the consequence which might include disappointment or deportation.

Production: Vzhun Films

Direction: Ladi Johnson

Starring: Ini Dima-Okojie, Torin Pocock, Nkem Owoh, Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman, Kunle Remi, Gloria Anozie-Young, Uzor Arukwe, Ik Osakioduwa, Seyi Law

Release Date: December 20, 2019

Genre: Comedy

Run time: 2hrs

Rating: 3/5


Kpali’ is a relatable Nigerian comedy movie that will have you reeling out in laughter. It’s the kind of movie a lot of Nigerians will like. ‘Kpali’ tells the story of Amaka Kalayor played by Ini Dima-Okojie a single investment banker who has 30 days to renew her working contract and visa in the UK or lose her job and her continued stay in London.

Amaka gets the opportunity to renew her job contract and a visa when the company sends her to Nigeria alongside Jack Hunter played by Torin Pocock – to seal a multi-billion Naira deal.

Thrust into this career maelstrom, Amaka departs for Nigeria with her oyibo male colleague in tow. They arrive Lagos and for some curious reason head together to Amaka’s family home and thus ensues the comedy of errors that is almost always at the heart of a true rom-com.

Back home in Nigeria, Amaka has her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kalayor played by Nkem Owoh and Gloria Anozie-Young on her trail constantly nagging her to get married.

Amaka was informed of the plans for her sister’s – played by Linda Ejiofor-Sulaiman wedding by her parents. Amaka returns to Nigeria with Jack to the loving arms of her parents, who mistake Jack for her fiance even after she tried explaining that they were just colleagues.

This is a movie for naija millennials, young career-minded Nigerians living within or outside the country and trying to find that elusive balance between work and living. They are educated, well-travelled, savvy and eloquent in the lingo of the woke generation.

But no matter how world savvy they are, they remain at the core, Nigerians, who have to answer to their parents and bring a man or woman to perpetuate the family line.



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