Raised within the fierce but secretive women the only clan of the Zenai, Mahila believes everything she is told about their traditions which ensure that the Zenai reproduces after their kind. However, during the rites of passage, an inadvertent encounter leads her to question everything she has been taught. She is caught between going against a centuries-old culture and going with the unfamiliar longings of her heart.

Production: House 5 Production, iROKOtv

Direction: Daniel Oriahi

Starring: Baaj Adebule, Rita Edward, Bimbo Akintola, Ijeoma Grace Agu, Ireti Doyle, Omowunmi Dada

Release Date: May 3rd, 2019

Genre: Action

Run time: 2hrs

Rating: 2/5


Not recommended. ‘Zena’ isn’t a terrible movie. A lot of effort went into making it good. One can easily see great effort in the costuming and propping- While they aren’t particularly spectacular, their above-average quality advertises the amount of time, energy and money expended seeking excellence for ‘Zena’. The acting was also quite good. The Problem with ‘Zena’ is that it is boring as hell. The story it tells is too basic to be remembered. Ultimately, ‘Zena’ proved too unappealing to stir any excitement in its audience. Put you to sleep, it will.

Note to Nollywood: The one lady we chatted with afterwards expressed her regret saying she didn’t know ‘Zena’ was a “village movie” (that’s an exact quote). Her friends agreed with her. Nollywood-in-cinema, you may be having a hard time understanding what Nigerians want in cinema. We can tell you for free, we don’t want “village movies”. Not because we hate movies portraying halcyon times.

Rather, frankly speaking, it’s because you don’t know how to cook them right. If you are going village mode; stories and costumes have to be On Fire. The stories have to be so good and so gripping, viewers will overlook the setting. And the costumes can’t be all brand new (age them to feel used and authentic) plus they should reflect variety- they can’t all be the same like school uniforms. Our ancestors had more spice.


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