Merry Men 2


Merry Men 2


This new installment in the Merry Men series sees the foursome minding their business and desisting from hunting for the rich as the did in the first installment; they all wanted to be of good conduct; not knowing there was an impending attack. The attack masterminded by Dame Maduka the villain in the first installment.

Production: Corporate World Entertainment, FilmOne Entertainment

Direction: Moses Inwang

Starring: Ayo Makun, Folarin Falana, Jim Iyke, Ramsey Nouah, Williams Uchemba, Regina Daniels, Iretiola Doyle, Nancy Isime, Linda Osifo

Release Date: 20 December, 2019

Genre: Action

Run time: 1h 55min

Rating: 4/5


There is no force as powerful as a woman that wants revenge. In #Merrymen2 the ladies are about to show the guys how it’s done! Guess who gets the paycheck for a perfect payback?


Things have changed for the charming foursome, the Merry Men. They’ve hung the boots on robbing the rich to give to the poor and focus squarely on running their businesses.

Ayo, Naz, Amaju, and Remi take on another fast-paced and high tension mission. This time though, they are way in over their head.

In part 1, The Merry men indicted Dame Maduka, a corrupt politician and former lover of Amaju, and handed her over to the EFCD for corruption and fraud and trust Nigerian politics, instead of arresting her and putting her in a cell pending her trial, they placed her on house arrest.

The house arrest gave her ample time to organize a team and kidnap the wife of Naz and Sister of Ayo, Kemi, with the intention of getting the merry men to delete her corruption files from the EFCD central storage system, which is a tough nut to crack, and with that, she will be discharged for lack of evidence.

In the course of the whole jamboree, a plot is unraveling, one of the first members of merry men rumored to have been dead is recruited by the same woman against the merry men, Zara Aminu.

It was an adventure filled with a new form of comedy displayed at a heated moment. The actions in the movie will get you shouting and anticipating the next line of events. There were moments when Jim Iyke allowed emotions to play which almost jeopardized their mission, his role drew a lot of sympathies. And new addition Williams Uchemba who played the second IT guy killed it with his comic additions.

The sound production was good and the video quality was superb!


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